I have for you / your clients  this very attractive offer: 

  • Non Callable  SBLC issued HSBC  London at the excellent  price of 36+3% ( 50M minimum )
  • Note -  THIRTY SIX PERCENT (39%) OF FACE VALUE   * Principal Payment is made only one time in Ten Years
  • Important  - the price 36+3% have been approved by European Central Bank (  0,35% commission is open to the introducing agent.)
  • The Seller  is the second Largest Provider of Banking Instruments in the World  ( Already issued more than 5 Trillion BGs in 2020 )
  • This Bank Instrument is ideal for Big - Long term  Projects because use the BG for 10 years as collateral cost is only 3,6% p.a.
  • And because the Client is the owner of the BG-SBLC at the end of  ten years period  he will get from HSBC payment  100% of Face Value.
  • Explanation about  3% commission structure - the Seller side 1,5% is closed for ( Bankers & Lawyers ), 0.85% is split between the Mandate Team, BPM = 0.32%, 0.33% for the introducing agent.
  • NOTE: The following banks are NOT ACCEPTED:
EUROPEAN/US/CA  BANKS are preferred.  Hong Kong and Singapore are accapted also. The Banks have to be able issue BPU to the PROVIDER with HSBC and currently preferred DEUTSCHE BANK, Frankfurt.

If you provide a verfyable client, we will issue all the required application forms directly to the client. Please do not ask for changes or ecxeptions.

* Minimum contract value is 50 Million USD / Euro.

Application Example:

The issued BG, FORMAT URDG 758, ICC 500/600, SWIFT MT-760/SBLC, will be used ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­________________________________BANK in accordance with ­­­­­­__________  (the decision of our Bank on lending No. ____ dated ____ 2020 or _____) TERM -

ONE YEAR AND ONE DAY, with prolongation up to 10 Years.

PAYMENT - 33% of face value of each tranche - in the amount of € 250,000,000.00 (Two Hundred Fifty Million Euro) is guaranteed by pay order BPU via SWIFT MT-799.

CONFIRMATION of the availability of resources to pay for the issue of BG – bank’s letter has been issued by our bank and attached to the Application


 1  Beneficiary submits the Application together with compliance documents: 
Client Information Sheet (CIS), Letter of Beneficiary's bank (see below), clear color copy of the Beneficiary Signatory’s Passport (PP), Certificate of Incorporation (COI), initialled agreement (DOA);

2  After a positive DUE DILIGENCE of the Beneficiary’s Application the Principal sends a completed Agreement (DOA) for final processing.
The Beneficiary signs, stamps and sends it to the Principal. The Principal signs the Agreement, stamps and registers, with the assignment of codes, in his Bank and sends the fully completed DOA in PDF format with Provider’s (SBLC) RWA. The Beneficiary registers the Agreement with his Bank.

3  The Principal will issue a Corporate Invoice, and the Beneficiary's Bank will issue a pay order BPU (33%) via SWIFT MT-799 within 3 (three) banking    days after the Beneficiary’s  Bank receives Principal’s Invoice.

4  Within 5 (five) banking days after receiving and authenticating the pay order BPU by SWIFT MT-799, the Principal’s Bank sends BG / SBLC via SWIFT  MT-760 to the Beneficiary Bank.

5  Within 5 (five) banking days after receiving SWIFT MT-760 and its verification, the Beneficiary’s Bank activates the pay order BPU and pays the Invoice by SWIFT MT-103 on the same day. 

6  All payments under the contractual obligations with the Provider, Consultants and  Issuing Bank for the issue of BG / SBLC, in the amount of 37% (33% +3%) of the face value, must be paid not later than 5 (five) banking days after the verification of BG / SBLC.

7  BG on paper (Hard Copy) will be delivered to the Beneficiary’s Bank by a special bank courier within 7 (seven) banking days after receiving full payment to the Principal, Provider and the Consultants. 

 8  Both parties shall provide the transmission copies of all SWIFT to each party for tracking.

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