Excellent  Purcased SBLC Offer   (  50M minimum ) 

  • FULLY CALLABLE BG-SBLC price 53+3% from  UK Providers
    This very attractive and safe callable instrument offers the  best price in the int´l SBLC selling market at this time.
  • The Buyer pays now  56% of FV and in one year time will get from HSBC 100% of Face Value  ( 44% profit netto ) !!!
  • Important  - the price 56+3% have been approved by European Central Bank (  0,35% commission is open to the introducing agent.)
  • The Seller  is the second Largest Provider of Banking Instruments in the World  ( Already issued more than 5 Trillion BGs in 2020 )
  • And because the Client is the owner of the BG-SBLC, at the end of  one year he will get from HSBC  a payment of the 100% of Face Value.
  • Explanation about  3% commission structure - the Seller side 1,5% is closed for ( Bankers & Lawyers ), 0.85% is split between the Mandate Team, BPM = 32%, 0.33% for the introducing agent.
    • NOTE: The following banks are NOT ACCEPTED:
    EUROPEAN/US/CA  BANKS are preferred.  Hong Kong and Singapore are accapted also. The Banks have to be able issue BPU to the PROVIDER with HSBC and currently preferred DEUTSCHE BANK, Frankfurt.

The Seller  is second Largest Provider of Banking Instruments in the World  ( already issued more than 5 Trillion BGs in 2020 )

If you provide a verfyable client, we will issue all the required application forms directly to the client. Please do not ask for changes or ecxeptions.

* Minimum contract value is 50 Million USD / Euro.

For the SBLCs we are working with a Top Provider that is listed in the upper level of the top 100 on the London stock exchange/FTSE. Our business relationship is based on our professionalism, high integrity and good ethics of the players – this is how we select and screen our potential buyers.

Purchase Procedure  BG - SBLC 53+3% 

Buyer submits
a) Application Letter b) CIS, c) Bank Letter for Cash -OR d) Company confirmation
for active credit-line and e) DOA (just with initials) f) Company statement
 Provider runs compliance on the Buyer – two days only
 Provider will send completed DOA to the Buyer to sign
 Buyer runs compliance on the Provider, signs and sends DOA back to the Provider
 Provider signs the DOA
DOA and RWA were submitted to the Buyer from the Provider – then:
1. Provider will send the corporate invoice & completed & registered DOA via
email to the buyer.
2. Buyer will submit immediately to his bank the DOA, RWA and Invoice to
register the transaction. (Provider will do the same at his bank)
3. Buyer will send via Swift MT799, or MT199 POF
4. Provider will answer in the same format MT799 or MT199 RWA
5. Buyer will issue a BPU MT799
6. After receiving and verification of the BPU the Provider will send the MT760
7. The provider will send via email a copy of the SWIFT to the buyer for
8. After receiving the MT760 on the account, the Buyers bank will verify the
9. After the verification the Buyer´s bank will activate the BPU and the
Buyer´s bank will pay the invoice
10. The Buyer will send via email a copy of the SWIFT to the provider for
11. After receiving the full payment, the Provider´s bank will send the hard
copy of the instrument to the Buyer´s bank via special bank courier
 PROVIDER never takes the 1st step.
 Provider requests the original applications documents – no changes permitted – as the
application documents are registered with the ECB as well as the purchase price.
 This is the UK provider SBLC purchase procedure in a short form.


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