Top-Rated Provider will sell 100 Million USD/€ minimum contract, or more - SBLC/BG at 42+2.

The provider requires:

  • Buyer must have the purchase price in cash in his account. Provider will not deliver against a credit unless it is already drawn and the funds are in the buyers account.
  • Available commission to introducing agent: 0.25%
  • Top 50 - top 100 rated banks are eligible. Mainland China banks are ineligible 

Non - Negotiable Procedures for the Purchase of SBLCs at 42%+2%

Issuing Bank is HSBC London

  1. Client submits a CIS and Passport and email that specifies that they fully agree to the below procedures which includes that they will submit a POF showing an appropriate balance to purchase the instruments after having a satisfactory call with the seller.
  2. Upon receipt of the above and acceptance by the Seller, the rep will arrange a conference call between the client and the seller. Full transparency will be provided at this point:
    Seller’s Intake Office (BPM) will provide Seller’s CIS, banking details at DBS Singapore, etc. Seller will provide his history and confidential email address for the Buyer to send his POF.
  3. Upon receipt of the POF, the Seller will provide an Agreement.
  4. Once the Agreement is lodged with the respective banks then the Buyer will send a MT799 stating their readiness to receive and pay for the SBLC.
  5. The Seller’s issuing bank for the SBLC (HSBC), will respond appropriately with a MT799 (full bank responsibility) stating their readiness to deliver and directions for payment via MT103.
  6. The Buyer sends the MT103 and within 24 hours the MT760, Second Title Holder instrument is delivered.
  7. The same procedure is followed on each tranche.

Option A - Buy - Sell Agreement (150 Million USD/€ minimum contract / tranche, or more):

If desired, the Seller will offer a buy sell arrangement whereby the instruments are immediately purchased so that the initial Buyer will make a 20-point spread on each tranche. This will be discussed between the Buyer and Seller.

Option B - Trade - Agreement (150 Million USD/€ minimum contract / tranche, or more):

The Seller also has a trade account with DBS and if the Buyer desires the instruments can be sent to his trade account. Buyer will receive a 70% LTV and the buyer will receive a guaranteed return monthly on these funds; Seller will discuss returns, etc.

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SBLC/BG Leases are not available at this time. If they become available again, we will advise our clients via our Newsletter.

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