• Minimum Instrument Value = 50 Million USD/€
    • Minimum Tranche Size = 100 Million USD/€

    Transaction Procedure:

    1. RECEIVER submits to PROVIDER this signed Deed of Agreement (DOA), together with Client Information Sheet, (CIS), Corporate Board Resolution, Signatory’s Passport Copy, Corporate Registration, and IMFPA.
    2. Within 1-3 banking days PROVIDER countersigns the Deed of Agreement, which thereby automatically becomes a full recourse commercial contract and both Parties lodge the DOA with their respective Banks.
    3. Within 1-3 banking days RECEIVER Bank will issue MT-199 to PROVIDER'S coordinate bank account to confirming that they are Ready, Willing and Able to receive the SBLC.
    4. Within 1-3 banking days PROVIDER’s bank will reply by MT-199 confirming that they are Ready, Willing and Able to issue the STAND BY LETTER OF CREDIT (SBLC).
    5. Within 1-3 banking days RECEIVER Bank will issue MT 799 proof of funds to PROVIDER'S coordinate bank account to confirming that they are Ready, Willing and Able to receive the SBLC.
    6. Within 1-3 banking days PROVIDER’s Issuing bank will reply by MT-799 Pre-Advice (Exhibit A) confirming that they are Ready, Willing and Able to issue the STAND BY LETTER OF CREDIT (SBLC) as per agreed verbiage (Exhibit B).
    7. On receipt, authentication, and confirmation of the PROVIDER’S pre-advice to the bank of the RECEIVER, the PROVIDER will issue SBLC via SWIFT MT-760.
    8. RECEIVER’S bank remits payment for the BG/SBLC within 5 Banking Days upon receipt, verification and consolidation of the MT-760 to PROVIDER'S nominated bank account by unconditional SWIFT MT-103 and simultaneously pays 2% Consultancy fees as per details stated in the IMFPA.
    9. Hard Copy to follow by bank bonded courier within TEN (10) banking days after receipt and authentication of payment, the PROVIDER'S bank will send the hard copies of the SBLC to the RECEIVER'S bank by bank-bonded courier.
    10. Transactions and their settlement will continue according to above-noted procedures and pre-agreed tranche schedule until contracted collateral instruments are fully delivered.

    Should RECEIVER default to pay the fees to the PROVIDER and commission to the Consultants as agreed in this DOA within the allowed number of days after receipt of SBLC via SWIFT-760 the PROVIDER shall instruct the Issuing Bank to put a claim on the SBLC thereby forcing the Receiver's Bank to return the SBLC to the issuing Bank.


    1. The Receiver’s paying bank must be acceptable to the Provider. Top rated quality banks are accepted and all paying banks must be approved by the Provider prior to issuing the DOA. >>CHECK IF CLIENT'S  BANK IS ACCEPTABLE<< (This link will take you to a short questionaire which will provide the answers needed in issuing the DOA.)

      The following are APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS and not to be confused with the Transaction Procedures.

      We are forced to require certain documents with the application for the DOA because all too many clients and Agents are submitting the application without having access to the necessary funds.

      We had several instances of clients wanting to change the signed DOA and the Provider move first with MT199 in order to activate their credit line. This is impossible and will never happen.

      We also had Agents submit essentially fraudulent Application Documents without the knowledge and authorization of the supposed Signatory.

      The following steps and documents are required. If these documents are not provided we are unable to process your application:

      1. We require POL (Proof of Life) by the Signatory of the Lease Application. (We need to know we are dealing with the actual Signatory)
        Option A: Photo of the Signatory holding his Passport with the picture page clearly visible or a photo of the Signatory holding a current newspaper with the date clearly visible. (POL is becoming increasingly required by regulatory agencies.)
        Option B: Signatory has the signature notarized on all signature pages and including the copy of the passport in the DOA.
        Notary should be a Licensed Notary located in the same country as the registration address of the client.
      2. We require POF (Proof of Funds). This could be a recent account statement of the paying account.
        Or: RWA LETTER  from the Bank of the client signed by 2 bank officers confirming that they are Ready W. & A. Tu  to Issue the Swift 799 (Bpu) as they get  the swift MT799 from the bank of the Provider.
        The RWA LETTER must be part of the application and must be provided along with Buyer signed DOA.
        * If payment is made from Active Line Of Credit we need to see that the credit is available to the client. (Application with Inactive Lines Of Credit or applications requiring the Provider to move first by MT199 cannot be accepted.)
        * If other sort of funding is in play we need to have confirmation of the source of funding.
        * All paying banks must be approved by the Provider.
      3. Monetizing the unpaid SBLC/BG and then use the funds generated by monetizing is not possible and is illegal. If there is any suspicion this is the applicants objective, the application will be rejected. 
      4. Once the paying bank is approved and the required Allocation Documents provided, we will send a DOA to be completed by the Client.
      5. If the Client returns a fully completed acceptable DOA, the Provider will countersign the DOA.

      This is a “No Upfront Fee Procedure”. The Provider is taking all the risk. Therefore no changes to the procedure or the pre-screening requirements are possible.

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