Purchasing a SBLC / BG

Purchasing a SBLC / BG

We are finding it increasingly difficult to convince our providers to issue instruments with a contract value below 250 Million

If we can get the provider to agree to issue such a small instrument, the client has to be prepared to pay in the 65% + 2% range..

There is no upper limit. If the Buyer has the necessary funds, we can provide the instruments.

Purchase prices for instruments from Top Rated Banks will vary depending on the Instrument Value or Contract Value:
   a.) Sub-Retail - BPM does not offer SBLC / BG with a Instrument Value below 50 Million.

   b.) Retail - Currently the price is 40% plus 2% and up. The price will depend on the Contract Value.
   c.) Wholesale - Currently the price is 40% plus 2%. The price will depend on the Contract Value.

Please contact us with requirement details to find out current pricing.

POF is a non negotiable requirement if you wish to receive a Provider signed DOA. No Provider will issue a contract unless he knows the Buyer has the funds to pay for the product.

Most Instrument Providers will not work with clients who have a credit line.

   If the buyer has a credit line with a Top 50 bank, the provider may make a exception based on a case by case basis.

Monetizing the SBLC / BG

   It is NOT possible to monetize a SBLC / BG unless it is fully paid for.
   Therefore, it is NOT possible to pay for the SBLC / BG with the proceeds derived by monetizing.

No Provider will work to a Buyers procedure or a DOA not approved or supplied by the provider.

Please do not try to negitiate changes to the providers procedure or DOA.

A 0.33% commission is paid to the introducing Intermediary at the time of the colsing of the transaction.
All commissions are paid by the Buyer at the same time the Buyer pays for the instrument.

*If the buyer is prepared to pay 3% commission, 1% in total is available to the buyers side intermediaries.

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