Small Cap opportunity: $ 300,000 to $ 1,000,000 entry required.

$300k- $1m no upfront fees no back end fees no commissions taken out.

Basic Details:

  • 300% in less than 90 day
  • No upfront Fee’s and No Back End Fee’s... 
    (obviously if you are charged a wire fee from your bank to transfer that is at your cost.)
  • Min; $300k-$1.M USD Max: 
  • Investor must move investment money into a group client fund account
  • Returns anticipated to be 300% in less than 90 days!
  • The invested funds and profits will come back to the group client fund account the investor first
    put his initial amount.     
  • Once the funds are received in the group client fund account the investor will have 7 days
    to decide whether to sign a new client contract for the next iteration or take funds or any combination. 

                 Example:                 1st iteration:  $300k x 3 = $900k
                                                    2nd iteration:  $900k x 3 = $2.7M    


  • This Small Cap is intended to help grow funds in order to migrate Investors into the
    id ($20m +)  and Large Cap ($70M +) programs that do not require the Investors Funds to be escrowed.


  • What we need from the investor: 
  1.  Provide a 1 page CIS.
  2. Provide a screen shot of amount interested to invest.  Min $300k – Max $1m.
  3. You will be called by the Platform Intake Officer in case of any problems or questions.
  • The anticipated returns for investors is 300% in 90 days - the returns could be provided under 90 days for clients who move their funds.
  • The platform requires a basic CIS. The client can furnish his or their form with their address, contact information, SS or passport number etc.
  • Within 24 hours after this information has been submitted and evaluated the senior partner in the group will contact the investor via phone call and answer all of their questions regarding the investment/trade opportunity.
  • If an investor brings forward funds that over $20MM the funds will remain in his or her account. It may be be admin held or a credit line utilized against the funds etc.

In terms of commission. I was informed that this offer is for a regulated program and the platform has established parameters it must adhere in terms of commission.

 1% will be shared between the introducing agent 0.40% and BPM Financial 0.60%.  Commission will only be shared if the agent is working the deal and we are activly working with that agent.

I hope you and your clients take advantage of the opportunity.

This is a solid option that your clients may want to explore. The commissions are not high however there are options to engage in enhanced trades (bullets) during the course of the trade.

NOTE: Clients have been brought through this opportunity and been paid.

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