Small Cap Trade offers usually fully subscribe very quickly.

Often we see these programs sell out within a few days and at time even within hours.It is therefore important the investor be prepared to submit his fully completed application as quickly as possible.

How to apply:
Usually the application consists of the following:

  1. POL (Proof of life) - The Signatory has to submit a short video or photo depicting the Signatory holding up his passport (Picture page toward camera) and a current newspaper front page with the date of the issue visible. (This is now a standard requirement in order to prevent fraudulent applications.)
  2. KYC - The appropriate KYC (Individual or Corporate), fully completed, each page initialed and hand signed in blue ink.
    KYC must include Signatory Passport and the KYC must be notarized.
    KYC Format - Some traders require a special KYC format. Please check with us  for the correct format.
  3. POF - Current bank account statement or current Tear Sheet.
    POF must be signed by 2 banking officers.
  4. Business cards of 2 banking officers. (Both sides of the business cards must be shown.)


  • All documents are required must be current.
  • Documents cannot be dated older than 48 hrs before date of submission.
  • Small Cap programs provide excellent returns. I order to participate you must provide all required documents.
  • Unless you submit all of these items, your application will be automatically rejected and will not be processed.


  • Commissions vary from program to program and are available only to the introducing agent regardless how many other agents are in the chain.
  • Commission details depend on the selected program and will be discussed only after you demonstrate you have a legitimate RWA client.


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Stay informed of the availability of current trade programs:

Due to the rapidly changing availability status of Small Cap Trade offers, we cannot always display each offer on the website.
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