The following is the basic procedure for PPP Trade Programs. (Procedure for non-standard programs may vary slightly.)

  1. Client provides fully completed KYC and POF.
  2. After passing preliminary Due Diligence, Client will receive and sign the Asset Management Contract.
    (This is the agreement how trade profits are distributed and it allows the Asset Manager to represent the client before the Trade Platform.)
  3. The client's documents are presented to the Trade Platform for full legal and banking due diligence and approval.
  4. Client will be presented a Term-sheet detailing and describing future trade profits and distribution.
  5. Client will be presented a FPA agreement to detail and agree to profit and commission sharing.
  6. Client presents RWA letter from his bank to him that the bank holding the assets is RWA to block the funds in the clients account in favor of the trade platform.
  7. After all documents in Point 1 - Point 6 are presented signed and approved, the client is issued a Trade Contract directly from the Trade Platform.
  8. After signing the Trade Contract, the client instructs his bank to block the funds as agreed upon in the Trade Contract.
  9. After funds are blocked, funds go into trade, usually within 1 - 2 International Banking days.

Please keep in mind that this process is client driven and depending on the response time of the client and his bank, the entire process usually takes 1-2 weeks.

Please do not request shortcuts or try to bypass any steps required. Participation in these trade programs is by invitation. The client can comply or he has to keep looking for something matching his requirements.

Procedure and documentation requirements may vary from program to program and not all types of programs start with Bullet Trade Programs.

To request information on available programs please complete this short request form. This will allow us to assess your requirement and recommend the most suitable program available. 


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