Trade Platform in Europe is willing to accept into trade: Funds of 100 Million up to 1 Trillion.

  • On trades over 10 Billion, they will take 10B at a time, and gradually increase.
    It is impossible to accept funds in larger tranches as no Platform can make available more than 100B profit per month, at this juncture with the euro economies not doing well.
  • Return will be in the rage of 70% to 100% per month.
  • Commission available to Introducing Agent: 1% (Exact percentage TBD.)

The only way platform will acknowledge and move forward: 

  • Required is a up-to-date KYC,
  • Required is a up-to-date Bank Statement or POF
  • Funds must be unencumbered (not on fixed deposit).

Feel free to contact us by supplying details via our contact form: CLICK HERE TO CONTACT US

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